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PE: Traditional Typography

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 3:45 AM by pica-ae:iconpica-ae:

Gallery Descriptions

Welcome to the Typography part of projecteducate's DeviantART Gallery Descriptions Month!

Today I will explain both the traditional and digital typography galleries on DA and I start off with Digital Typography. And I start off with the Traditional Gallery!
If you are interested into the background of typography, I recomment you read A Brief History of Typography, an article I wrote for a previous week at projecteducate.

When it comes to typography, you should be aware that it is everywhere around you all the time. There is bad Typography and there is good Typography. Unfortunately less of the latter and more of random thoughtless Typography around these days.

Typography is more relevant to Design than it is to Art, but that does not mean it cannot be Art!

I want to bring Typography to people's attention, make them aware of how important it is. We all want people to hear us, we want to be understood. And no matter how important your message, bad Typography can ruin it!

And Typography is ooooold. Like… Ancient. Literally. Ancient Rome has left us with some amazing remains of culture, including Typography. There is a lot of history in Typography, from Calligraphy and Scripts, over the Letterpress up to the Digital Age. But just because we are living in the Digital Age, it does not mean Traditional Typography is dead. Oh it's quite the opposite! It is more alive than not in a long time and the DeviantART galleries are living proof of it!

So, let's dive in :eager:

Traditional Art > Typography

Traditional Art

Work that is primarily created with traditional media and physical materials.
Editing colors and contrast and removing dust or noise, any general light retouching, and cropping photographs or scans of traditional art does not turn it into digital art!
Only if you massively alter the appearance of your traditional work or add more materials* to the mix, does it stop being traditional art.

* Photographs, textures, digital painting, vector elements, 3D etc.


Images created using traditional means where the subject matter is text using a variety of typeface styles.
If the main focus of your work is words and letters, you should probably submit it to typography.
Of course if there is 80% drawing and 20% typography in your work, it would be fine not to post there. "There is a letter, that's typography" is bullshit ;).


Calligraphic characters or signs depicted in an artistic and skilful manner.

This is a millenia old artform, refined through the years and still as relevant nowadays as in the Middle Ages. There are many many forms to it, the common remainder is probably that is is a form of writing that requires a certain flow to your brush or nib.
It is not hand-writing, but it is also not the fine craft of lettering. It is somewhere in between. Even though the lines are often very thing and blurry between these three.

The two biggest fractions of Calligraphy are Western and Eastern, or Latin and Non-Latin. In Europe Calligraphy is traditionally created with a nib, in Asia it is more likely to be applied with a brush. Nibs and brushes can vary immensely in shape and size and thus can create an amazing number of different styles in Calligraphy.

Arabic Calligraphy 'Raqs' by khawarbilalSeul le turban... by KaalamRaveN VorteX by Ace0fredspades
Yesterday by TypomongerSpades Calligraphy Calligram (1/4) by Ciillkquote by jdotjam

Typographic Stencil Art

Typography created with the use of a stencil.

This is a very clear and strict gallery, that requires you to have used a stencil to create your work. It does not have to be graffiti, you can also use brushes or sponges to apply through a stencil, but you might as well use loose materials such as sand, and apply them with a stencil.

We Really text by object000Love - Spraypaint Stencil Tile by RAMART79Public space poster 2 by patswerk
Know Your Rights by CMSmithTALK by TeamDeltaForceExperimenting with E by mumblebee


This category does not really have a description, essentially anything that does not fit into the other two should go here. This can sculptural works of typography as well as ones created with uncommon traditional materials. Typographic collages, typewriter works, drawn and painted typography, letterings, etchings, stamps and so on and on. The list is really endless, any traditional medium can be used to create typography.

Stickbet by HellanimARTIST. by Espadortype - illustrated text wip by iforgotmypassword
life is a flower by brian9267spring by UsoKeiMaria Scan by suqer

In doubt … submit to Other!
It may not be a shiny fancy gallery name, but it would be a shame for the other two galleries if they were spammed with works that don't belong there. Thank you :heart:

Naturally this small gallery tree leaves room for improvements :)
This is not forgotten and it is being worked on. Times change, art changes, galleries can change!

Questions for the reader

  • Have you ever traditionally created Typography?
  • Would you want to learn Traditional Typography?
  • What are challenges for Traditional Typography?

Typo Feature: Summer

Fri Jul 4, 2014, 4:34 AM

Welcome to today's Typo Feature!
In this ongoing series each article will focus on a specific theme and showcase deviations that manage to convey the theme in a special and great manner.

This feature's theme will be:


Summer by Tropfich
Where the Sky Is Blue Forever by chapstickbulletPeace and Love by okpepx
Sea Foam Text Effect. by AlexandraF
Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside by MyhwDesignVerano by Katiuskah
Summer by Ikue
Excited For The Summer by jamesy165
Salt in the air by gleoliteSummer Time 2012 by jamesy165
Mr Sun's Face Typography Calligram by calligramorama
Summer 2012 by Lacza

I hope you enjoyed this selection and maybe you'll have a smile on your face, too :heart: :peace:

If you have ideas for future features you are welcome to suggest them in a comment here, on CRTextAndTypographys profile or via note to either me or the group.

Community Relations


Hi guys :iconsmallwaveplz:
I am more involved with projecteducate again and as of this, there has been the idea/request to host a calligraphy week/article series.

Naturally I am all up for this and now I am looking for people to write articles and help make that week awesome. There is no timing yet, I'll have to see to that and keep you updated. I recently started learning calligraphy myself, so such a week would be awesome to have.

I will write a few articles myself, at least the into and summary journals :)

Have a look at the schedule for ProjectEducate here with upcoming weeks.

I am not sure about how I will have time for such a week, but it's not too soon, that's for sure ;)

There are quite some calligraphy related groups on dA and I hope that maybe some of the active artists would love to contribute to such a week :D

If you have suggestions for articles or articles you want to write yourself, let me know or send a note to the group. Articles could be anything, educational, interviews, features and so on.

Anyway, let me know if you are interested in it :)

Thanks to Canvasian for the suggestion ;)




Semi-official Community Relations group for the Traditional and Digital Typography and Digital Text Art galleries on dA.
Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests & Challenges.

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Typography Challenges?

Fri Jun 13, 2014, 4:44 AM

Hi :iconsmallwaveplz:
I've come to you today, to talk about challenges over CRTextAndTypography. In not as regular intervals as I liked to, I have been posting Typography Challenges for everyone to take part in. Unfortunately the responses have been less than … sufficient and decreasing over time. So here's me talking about challenges and trying to figure out how to bring them back to life. Preferably improved and better :XD: (There are questions at the end, please take the time to answer them :aww:)

Are you interested in challenges at all? The last one only had one entry and it has me thinking that you are not interested in challenges anyway. So here I am wondering if I should take the time and effort to find ideas for challenges, write a journal about it, set up the submission rules in the backroom and decline the masses of submissions to the group that don't read the rules and just submit "whatever" to a specific challenge folder.

Why you should take part in a challenge!

  • The theme is something you have never considered to do before. It is always good to try new things.
  • You will learn something from a challenge.
  • Are you someone who works better with external ideas to be creative? This is your chance.
  • Artist block? Maybe taking part in a challenge can help you with that.
  • You get to see what others do with the same theme. Always a good way to open your mind.
  • New to Typography? I make the challenges so that is easy for beginners to jump into the theme.

What's holding you back?

  • Not enough time? I usually plan around two months for each challenge.
  • Not enough reminders? I could improve on that, that is true.
  • No incentives like Points or Premium Membership? There won't be any of that for taking part in a challenge, I do plan on contests in the future though.
  • No feedback? As they are no contests, challenges will not provide a ranking. If you are looking for feedback on your work, I can do so in the future.

What do you think?

Here are some quesitons I have for you, that will help me decide whether to continue the series and how to make it more attractive.
  • Are you interested in new challenges? I will not continue them, if nobody takes part.
  • What did you like/not like about the previous challenges?
  • What changes would you like to see in new challenges?

Community Relations

Picture Interpretation Challenge

Mon Feb 17, 2014, 4:24 AM

Welcome to the next challenge of CRTextAndTypography :eager:
This is a series of recurring, but maybe irregular typography related challenges for everyone to take part in. They will have a start and end date and each deviation must be submitted  to dA after the start date. Only deviations created with each challenge in mind will be accepted.

Please remember this is a challenge, not a contest, there are no prizes to win.

This is mostly a source of "jobs" that you can do ;) I could be more cheesy and say the prize will be finding out how awesome friendship is … but … oh well.

Here we go!

Picture Interpretation Challenge

How often do you look around your environment or at pictures and photos and think "Oh this object, its shape totally looks like a letter!" ? I am sure this happens to all of us and this challenge is exactly about that feeling!

This challenge is all about taking inspiration from a picture and create typography from it.

The Challenge

First you have to find a picture and look for hidden or obvious shapes resembling letter forms.

Once you found "your letter" in the picture, you have to think of  way in which to incorporate a word into the picture containing said letter.

The word should have some sort of relevance to the picture you choose.

And the appearance of the word should be customized in a way it will work with the picture. You can use fonts or draw/paint the letters yourself, which way you go, depends on the concept you choose to go with.


I have created two very simple and basic examples to demonstrate the most minimal way this challenge should be solved. You can also see two of the many possible directions; creating letters from scratch or using fonts.
Yosemite12 by faestock Gap Example File by pica-ae
:thumb377779420: Zoom by pica-ae

The phenomenon of seeing a certain shape in an image or scenery is also called Pareidolia. It is for example seeing a bunny in a cloud or Jesus on a burnt slice of toast. In our case, we are looking for images with this phenomenon in which you see a letter form in the picture.


  • Credit all stock/resources used, only legitimate images are allowed; remember to follow the stock provider's Terms of Use!
  • You can submit as many entries as you like.
  • Send a note to CRTextAndTypography titled "Picture Interpretation Challenge Entry" AND/OR submit it to the group's Picture Interpretation folder. (If you don't submit yourself, I will request the deviation being submitted to the group)

Deadline: April 4th 2014.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to ask :)

The challenge is for starters as well as advanced typographers or anybody who is curious to work with type :la: If you want to try new things and think outside the box, you are most welcome to join the challenge. No prior knowledge is necessary to take part :)

Let's get creative :peace: :heart:

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